My name is Colyne Wyns and a Textile Designer for many years.
I was lucky to work for some established companies in the interior industry
and I created concepts for several famous brands.
As a result of this knowledge and experience, it was time to start with UNI’C CREATION.
UNI'C CREATION anticipates trends in this volatile market and will ensure your growth by helping you
to understand the desires of your customers.
UNI'C CREATION is a creative company for textile and graphic design:
   - interior styling for home and business
- colour & trend consultancy
So, are you ready to hire a freelancer?
If your business needs consultancy or an extra hand in design and styling,
but lacks the required resources , the answer lies here.

UNI’C CREATION stands for

Affordable rates
Subject to fashion & trends
Proximity and swift Delivery
Future Availability