Strong designs and collections for stylish
home textiles.
Classic, timeless or contemporary design, depending what
you or your customer desire.
Creations will be delivered in vector (AI/PDF/EPS) and
Pantone colours , so they are easy to adapt in size or
colour if necessary. Starting from a moodboard, samples or
just an idea, you will receive a very sellable collection.
UNI’C CREATION can also help you with graphic design.


If you need any consultancy about colours, style or trends, then you are at the right place.
Trends are rapidly changing and it is not always easy to find the time to keep up with.
UNI’C CREATION helps you to better understand your market and customers.
Different markets in interior textile, worldwide, have specific trends in designs and colours.
As a result of design and styling experiences in upholstery, curtains, carpet, bath and kitchen textile, ...
UNI’C CREATION can offer you professional advice.


Step outside your space and take a fresh look with UNI’C CREATION.
Yes, styling or restyling your showroom, stand fair or shop (window)
can make a change in sales.
Do not hesitate to be unique or stylish.
When your showroom, stand fair or shop looks good, your business looks good too.
Trigger your customers!
UNI’C CREATION also assist in your regular photoshoot, helping in the best way to put your product in the spotlights.
Time for a interior makeover? You want to sell your house, but no buyers?
Yes, I am happy to help you with choosing materials, colours, furniture and home textiles.
Let me know what you like and what your budget is, so I can make a fantastic make-over
for your home.